Sam Tripoli

House Of Comedy Mall of America 408 East Broadway Bloomington, Minnesota 55425

About Sam Tripoli

Practitioner of the Deadly Art of Comedy, Sam Tripoli views comedy as a calling rather a profession. Itís a passion that heís been preaching to audiences at comedy clubs across the country and on television, including Comedy Centralsí Premium Blend(receiving only one of two standing ovations in the history of the show), a frolicsome turn as a male escort for E! Entertainmentís Party @ the Palms, The Late Late Show on CBS, Comic Unleashed and as a co-host of Spike TVís Wide World of Spike, a comedy-action cult classic. On stage heís a force of nature, pacing the stage like a cyclone of funny as he questions authority and the conventions of our society one moment, then earnestly expresses his affinity for the bizarre the next. His comedy has no limits Ė its whatever heís thinking about, and thatís usually what everyone else is thinking about, even though sometimes we donít like to admit to it. ďI like to think of myself as the little voice in everyoneís head, except I have a microphone and Iím funnier,Ē Sam says.