Michael Thorne

House Of Comedy Mall of America 408 East Broadway Bloomington, Minnesota 55425

About Michael Thorne

 Michael Thorne is an amalgam of culture and white trash raised on a greasy silver spoon in a borough of Minneapolis aptly nicknamed "Nordeast." He has brought his hilarious observational insights on evolution, (or the lack thereof), human relations, marriage and parenthood to backwoods bar rooms, colleges, casinos and A-list comedy clubs from coast to coast and border to border. Michael grabbed the attention of LA big-wigs at one point who urged him to leave Minnesota to further his career. "You're the funniest thing out of the Midwest. Now get out of the Midwest." But Michael favors the Midwestern family life. He will take you on a wild and hysterical tour of the minefield that is his life.

Michael has shared the stage with comedy legends Steven Wright, the late Bill Hicks and the late Mitch Hedberg.